Mission Work Week

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These Scriptures go to missionaries that are spreading the Gospel to the world

For one week, volunteers from Faith Baptist Church come together in order to create John & Romans Scripture Books

Missionaries throughout the world request these books from BPS Seedline – Hands-On Bible Publishing

This is a highly anticipated time of year for our members and volunteers

BAFM Missions Work Week

Join us for our 9th year with Berean Armed Forces Ministry as we assemble Gospel Packets for our men and women in the U.S. Military.

The BAFM mission is to get the Gospel of Jesus in the hands of every U.S. Military Service Person.

Learn More About This Ministry or Contact Brother Hayes Through The BAFM Website at www.BereanArmedForcesMinistry.com


Here’s what we’ve been up to this year:

We still need your help to assemble ten thousand packets filled with little preachers, tracts, hand colored images, and thank you notes.

Brother Patrick Hayes has been operating this ministry for 16 years since 2001 after having his heart burdened by the Lord to get the Gospel to U.S. Military.

Please pray for this ministry as brother Hayes needs more hearts and churches and laborers to make this mission a success for the Lord!

Learn More About This Ministry or Contact Brother Hayes Through The BAFM Website at www.BereanArmedForcesMinistry.com

Missions Work Week 2016 Video Gallery

Missions Work Week 2016 Image Gallery

Missions Work Week 2016

Mission Accomplished!

In 5 days, volunteers gathered at Faith Baptist Church in Chelsea, Michigan and assembled over 210,000 John & Romans Scriptures.

Printed by Seedline, Bearing Precious Seed brought the disassembled, printed material, to Faith Baptist Church where the pages were separated, coallated, covers added, staples, trimmed, and boxed to be shipped somewhere in the world.  This year, the scriptures will make it to India, South America, and the prisons of the United States.

Why send Scriptures?  View this video and discover more!



150,000 John & Romans Bible Scriptures for people speaking the Kannada Language of India.

50,000 Scriptures for the Portuguese Language in Brazil – which will be distributed at the Summer Olympics by a team from the United States of America.

We will also be assembling 10,000 Scriptures in English for the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry which will then be distributed to prisons in America.

Missions Work Week is a program that we participate in led by the Director of Seedline, Brother Phil Taylor of”Bearing Precious Seed” 

Bearing Precious Seed Modern Web Press

Bearing Precious Seed Modern Web Press

Bearing Precious Seed is actively printing over 50 languages and partnering with missionaries in over 115 countries around the world.

Join us this week and play a part in “The Great Commission” and to fellowship with us. Everyone is welcome!

2015 News Article: Read More


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Daily Running Totals: 


Tuesday: 80,000

Wednesday:  135,000

Thursday: 173,510

Friday:  211,000


2015 Missions Work Week Printable

June 8th – 13th is Mission Work Week

In 2015 we put together 160,000 John and Romans! We raised $15,000 which covered the costs.

You can download and print the pages below

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